The Economic Worth of the Knysna Estuary

The location of Knysna is not only a tiny far more than the eye can see but a whole lot a lot more than you would ever have imagined.

Knysna is in an echelon all of its individual with its conservation great importance acquiring getting highlighted via reports that have graded its biological importance: 8th in conditions of conserving fish, 19th in phrases of waterbird conservation and 1st in terms of overall conservation worth centered on measurement, diversity of habitat, zone rarity and biodiversity.

The Knysna heads or mouth is always open up and this guarantees the lagoon is host to variable marine fish population. Compact bait fish these types of as the estuarine Spherical Herring and Cape Silverside breed in the estuary whilst Line fish which are essential to our community fisherman and anglers, Spotted Grunter, White Steenbras, Dusky Cob and Cape Stumpnose use it as a nursery locations. The salt marshes which are home to the Knysna Seahorse are the second biggest in South Africa and comprise specialised plant existence including a person known endemic salt marsh plant and supporting a host of this and other invertebrate daily life.

The Knysna Estuary has frequently been uncovered to be the most conservation worthy estuary in the place, contributing to area, regional and countrywide economies. The town is in many techniques dependent on the estuary and as this kind of,it is vital to make certain that practically nothing is authorized to intervene or disturb. Inhabitants of Knysna and management authorities have an interminable obligation to make sure that the ecological wellness of the estuary is not compromised and who would not concur to sustain a little something with an financial worth of in between 2,8 million and 3,4 Billion.

The value of the Estuary has been evaluated as follows:

Subsistence benefit is R786 500 for every annum, recreational use worth is approximately R1 billion for each annum, the residence price of the check out of the Estuary by yourself is 1,4 – 2,4 Billion, Nursery price (value of fish species using it for a nursery) is valued at R167,6 million for each annum and the existence or scenic price is R9,7 million for each annum.

The full value of the Knysna estuary in financial phrases is 2,8 – 3,4 million, but is priceless in terms of value to its inhabitants and site visitors. Let us permanently make sure Knysna is the wonderful city.

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